35: Expiration Dates

Returning hosts Avaneesh Narla and Dr. Susan Rogers Van Katwyk are here to demystify and unravel some of the mystery of “best by” or expiration dates. How much science is out there about these labels, and how much do they really tell us about health and safety? Does reducing the price of almost-expired food at the store increase overall waste?

Music by Solomon Krause-Imlach.


Avaneesh Narla

Avaneesh is currently a PhD student in Physics at the University of California San Diego. His work focuses on theoretical biophysics and quantitative biology, and includes fields such as fluid dynamics, computational neuroscience, theoretical ecology and bacteriophysiology.

Susan Rogers Van Katwyk

Susan Rogers Van Katwyk is the Research Director for global antimicrobial resistance at the Global Strategy Lab at York University. She received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Ottawa and her work focuses on generating evidence-informed policy recommendations for global health threats. She loves hiking, curling, and craft beer.

Cameron Spencer

Cameron is a designer and web developer. He is the founder of Lab 43.