36: Sugar

Uyen Nguyen and Joshua Conrad Jackson are back to discuss some things you might not have heard about sugar. More sugar consumption may lead to risky business in kids. We also examine whether the increasingly popular taxes on the sugar industry actually reduce sugary drink intake.

Music by Solomon Krause-Imlach.


Joshua Jackson

Joshua Conrad Jackson is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studies how culture changes over time, and the impact of cultural change on human cognition and behavior. Outside of research, he enjoys traveling and long-distance running.

Uyen Nguyen

Uyen is an M.Sc. student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She likes to be called “Oo-in” instead of “Yu-en”. Using high-dimensional flow cytometry, Uyen looks at how physical exercise affects immune composition in bone marrow recipients. In her free time, she runs, watches comedies, reads biographies, and eats chocolate-coated pretzels (usually not all at once).

Cameron Spencer

Cameron is a designer and web developer. He is the founder of Lab 43.