47: Blind Cooperation

The way we make decisions says a lot about us. In this episode, we highlight two studies that delve into the idea of “Blind Cooperation.” It turns out that being the kind of person who spontaneously cooperates with others and offers help without calculation can confer social benefits in the long run. Namly, it’ll earn you the reputation of being trustworthy.

Music by Solomon Krause-Imlach.


Cameron Spencer

Cameron is a designer and web developer. He is the founder of Lab 43.

Uyen Nguyen

Uyen is an M.Sc. student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. She likes to be called “Oo-in” instead of “Yu-en”. Using high-dimensional flow cytometry, Uyen looks at how physical exercise affects immune composition in bone marrow recipients. In her free time, she runs, watches comedies, reads biographies, and eats chocolate-coated pretzels (usually not all at once).

Avaneesh Narla

Avaneesh is currently a PhD student in Physics at the University of California San Diego. His work focuses on theoretical biophysics and quantitative biology, and includes fields such as fluid dynamics, computational neuroscience, theoretical ecology and bacteriophysiology.